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Project Objectives

General objectives

  • To conserve and document medicinal plants and associated indigenous knowledge
  • To prepare herbal products and facilitate the integration and utilization of traditional herbal medicine in the primary health care delivery system based on scientific research.

Specific objectives

  • To document indigenous knowledge and previous research findings on traditional herbal medicine,
  • To identify elite medicinal plants based on the information gained from healers and previous researches

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Description of the study area

Ethnobotanical data will be collected in different seasons over the different years with the objective of including representative Districts in North Shewa Zone, Amhara Region and collecting plant specimens during the respective flowering seasons. Market survey and checking of reliability of informants' medicinal plant use knowledge will also be conducted in representative markets in the region. Laboratory activity will be conducted in Ankober Herbal medicine preparation and plant biodiversity conservation project laboratory.  Ankober is perched on the eastern escarpment of the Ethiopian highlands and situated 172 km north of Addis Ababa, the Ethiopian capital, and 42 km to the east of DebreBerhan town (North Shewa Zone capital). 

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