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Background of the Project
People in Sub-Sahara Africa suffer a lower standard of healthcare than in any other region of the world. Hence, improving healthcare becomes a primary goal of any development programme (WHO, 2001). More than 80% of the people in Ethiopia and neighbouring countries mainly rely on plant-based pharmaceuticals, using their millennia-old medicinal plant lore, to complement lack of trained health professionals and access to modern medication (Dawit Abebe, 2001). However, medicinal plants and the associated indigenous knowledge are fast-declining due to anthropogenic and environmental factors, and lack of skilled man power working on the subject (Fekadu Fullas, 2010). The flora of Ethiopia is estimated to be between 6500 and 7000 species, and has the richest endemism (12% of Ethiopia’s flora) owing to the diversity in climate, vegetation, and terrain ranging from Afro-alpine to desert vegetation (Teshome Sormessaet al., 2004).Among the flora species of Ethiopia, numerous traditional medicinal plants are available that are still in use for supporting primary healthcare services by treating different human and livestock ailments.


The General Objective

  • To conserve and document medicinal plants and associated indigenous knowledge
  • To prepare herbal products and facilitate the integration and utilization of traditional herbal medicine in the primary health care delivery system based on scientific research.



 Herbal Medicine Preparation and Plant Biodiversity Conservation Project Team


Ermias Lulekal (PhD)

Principal Investigator

Lina Gezu (D.V.M, MSc)



Asmare Melese (PhD)


Abebe Tedla (PhD)


Gebremichael Fiseha (MSc)


Yoseph Shiferaw (MSc)


Awol Mekonnen





Debre Berhan University Ministry of Science & Technology  Ankober Woreda Development Association

Ethiopian Biodiversity Institute  Ethiopian Public Health Institute AAU School of Medicine

Ghent University  Hamburg University

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