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TITLE OF RESEARCH PROJECT: ‘Herbal Medicine Preparation and Plant Biodiversity Conservation in North Shewa Zone, Amhara Region, Ethiopia’


MOTTOFrom Community Knowledge toRegional Centre of Excellence in Herbal Medicine Research, Production & Conservation


PROJECT DESCRIPTION: People in Sub-Sahara Africa suffer a lower standard of healthcare than in any other region of the world. Hence, improving healthcare becomes a primary goal of any development programme and also health-based projects.This project is actively engaged to address issues related to conservation of medicinal plants and associated indigenous knowledge, besides running extraction and characterization of bioactive components of the plants identified for highest ICF values. In addition it works on investigating in-vitro/vivo antimicrobial activities of plant extracts as well as formulation and standardization of herbal products and drugs from selected medicinal plants. The project also runs effective testing and safety analysis of herbal extracts and formulated products with the aim of producing safe herbal products to support the contemporary human and livestock health care services in North Shewa, Ethiopia. All project activities with the intent of herbal medicine preparation and plant biodiversity conservation go in line with the strategy set by the Ethiopian Ministry of Health and the country’s Growth and transformation plan II (GTP-II) which focuses on human and livestock health development/improvement and productivity. The project is hosted by Debre Berhan University (DBU) and fully sponsored by the FDRE Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST).


Project Duration: 1 January 2016 – 1 January 2019


Project Fund: 4.1 Million ETB


Funding Source: FDRE, Ministry of Science and Technology



General objectives

  • To conserve and document medicinal plants and associated indigenous knowledge
  • To prepare herbal products and facilitate the integration and utilization of traditional herbal medicine in the primary health care delivery system based on scientific research.

Specific objectives

  • To document indigenous knowledge and previous research findings on traditional herbal medicine,
  • To identify elite medicinal plants based on the information gained from healers and previous researches
  • To conduct ex-situ and in-situ conservation of the elite medicinal plants,
  • To identify endemic human and livestock diseases in the study area,
  • To extract desired components from different parts of the elite medicinal plants,
  • To carry out in vitro antimicrobial tests of the crude extracts in comparison with synthetic drugs and internationally certified herbal drugs,
  • To conduct in vivo tests following standard ethical procedure.
  • To conduct formulation and standardization of herbal drugs, medicinal soap and latrine detergent from the crude extracts/essential oils.
  • To organise and consult farmers, small and medium entrepreneurs and pharmaceutical industries to be involved in the traditional medicine development process.
  • To handle and utilize the herbal wastes for maximizing the potential use of medicinal plants.


Expected outputs

  • Indigenous knowledge will be documented and transferred to the next generation,
  • Traditional medicinal plants will be conserved
  • Different herbal products including herbal drugs, medicated herbal soaps and latrine detergents will be developed and produced,
  • Standard package starting from harvesting to final products of medicinal plants will be developed for future use


  • The medicinal plants will be protected and sustainably utilised,
  • The community will be benefited through cultivation of medicinal plants as raw materials for herbal production,
  • Herbal products will be integrated with modern medication to improve healthcare of the community
  • Improve the capacity of professionals, who are working related to medicinal plants,
  • Small and medium entrepreneurs will be benefited through the involvement of herbal medicine business,
  • The product can substitute different imported medicine and can be exported to generate income of the country,
  • Different pharmaceutical and other industries will be benefited by producing the research out puts at large scale.


  • The community,
  • Traditional medicinal plant based healers,
  • DebreBerhan University and other institutions 
  • Entrepreneurs, pharmaceutical and other related industries,
  • The country in general.


Debre Berhan University Ministry of Science & Technology  Ankober Woreda Development Association

Ethiopian Biodiversity Institute  Ethiopian Public Health Institute AAU School of Medicine

Ghent University  Hamburg University

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